That’s why Clean Water Action and the Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow delivered 433 letters to Governor Charlie Baker on Feb 14, 2020.   Our message: Sign the Act to Protect Children, Families and Firefighters!  It’s time to ban toxic flame retardants!

Over a year ago, Baker vetoed a bill to ban 11 toxic flame retardants from upholstered furniture,  children’s products, mattresses, carpeting, bedding, and window treatments.

So, when the legislative session started up again, our champions Representative Decker and Cynthia Creem re-introduced the bill to ban toxic flame retardants.  The Senate has already passed their version of the bill.  We are waiting for a vote in the House.  Once the House votes, the bill goes back to the Governor’s desk.

The 433 letters we dropped in the Governor’s office are from parents, children, doctors, nurses, chemists and other Massachusetts residents.  All tell the Governor to sign the bill when it comes to him without weakening it.

There is no justification for putting corporate profits over the health of Massachusetts residents.  Chemical flame retardants don’t slow fires and they are putting the lives of children and firefighters at risk.