Safer Cleaning & Disinfecting

Clean Water Action/Clean Water Fund: Safe CLEANING & DISINFECTING in the age of Coronavirus

You don’t need harsh chemicals to stay safe from coronavirus.  These fact sheets will help you know when to clean and when to disinfect.  They will help you identify disinfectants that may be harmful to your health and safer products that you can buy in stores or online.

Fact Sheet: Safely Cleaning & Disinfecting in Age of Coronavirus

Hoja Informativa: limpieza y desinfección mas seguras en la era de coronavirus

Limpeza e desinfecção seguras na era do COVID-19

Infographic: Safely Cleaning & Disinfecting in Age of Coronavirus-English

Infografía: Limpieza y desinfección más seguras en la era de coronavirus

Safer Disinfectants Effective on Coronavirus: What to Buy/Where to Buy

Desinfectantes más seguros: Qué compra?  Adonde las compra?

Environmental Working Group–EWG Guide to Healthy Cleaning

Online guide with information about toxicity of over 2,500 household cleaners.  Search by product name or category.

Women’s Voices for the Earth–Safe Cleaning Fact Sheets

Information about chemicals of concern in household and institutional cleaning products.  Suggestion for safer alternatives.  Fact sheets in English and Spanish.

Women’s Voices for the Earth–Safe Cleaning Reports

For a deeper dive, and to understand the link between cleaning products and toxic chemicals, check out WVE’s reports on cleaners.

Environmental Protection Agency Safer Choice Label

The federal Environmental Protection Agency certifies certain cleaners as meeting EPA standards for safety. These products exclude certain ingredients.  Searchable database for Safer Choice products, which include institutional as well as household products.  Can search in Spanish.  Can search specifically for fragrance-free products.


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