Flame Retardants

Problem: Flame retardants increase risk of serious illness.

For the past 6 years, The Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow has been working to ban toxic flame retardants from:

  • furniture
  • mattresses
  • children’s products (for children age 12 and under)

Chemical flame retardants do not slow the spread of fire.  They become more toxic when burned, contributing to the high rate of cancer among firefighters. Children are also at higher risk, because they crawl on the floor and put their hands in their mouth, absorbing more of the chemicals that leak out of sofas, mattresses, and TVs.

The Massachusetts Legislature passed a flame retardant ban on January 1, 2019, but Governor Baker vetoed it.  In his veto, Baker said he wanted to negotiate with legislators on the bill if it came to him earlier in the 2019/20 session.

Solution: Ban toxic flame retardants.

On Feburary 1, 2019, Representative Marjorie Decker (D-Cambridge) and Senator Cynthia Creem (D-Newton) refiled “An Act to Protect Children, Families, and Firefighters from Harmful Flame Retardants” (House Bill H3500 & Senate Bill S2338).

What you can do:

  1. Get the name and contact information of your state representative and senator at: https://malegislature.gov/StateHouse/Contact
  2. Ask them to support H3500 and S2338 to ban toxic flame retardants.  Ask them to work quickly to get the bills through committee and passed.
  3. Join the Healthy Tomorrow Network to learn about next steps to get the flame retardant ban passed this session.
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