Plan for a Healthy Tomorrow

Protection of health must be the first priority of government agencies. The government should be pro-active to prevent harm before it occurs.  We must:

Act on Early Warnings

The government has a duty to act to prevent harm when there is credible evidence that harm is occurring or is likely to occur—even when the exact nature and magnitude of the harm is not proven.

Choose and Create the Safest Alternatives

Government decision-making processes must evaluate a full range of alternatives, and must require the safest feasible alternative. Government should support innovation and promote technologies, materials and solutions that create a healthier environment. We must protect and involve impacted workers and communities during the transition to the safest alternatives.

Not Assume Safety

Manufacturers have a responsibility to show that they are using the safest alternative to meet a specific need. The potential for harm should be thoroughly studied before a new chemical or technology is used, rather than assuming it is harmless until proven otherwise. Research on the impacts of chemicals and technologies should be conducted or verified by independent third parties.

Base Decisions on Science & Democracy

Government decisions should be based on independent scientific information and meaningful citizen participation. They must place a higher priority on protecting health and the environment than on the economic interests of a particular industry. The decision-making process should represent public values, protect the rights of potential victims, and be insulated from interference by narrow, special interests.

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