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Ban Flame Retardants

Chemical flame retardants are in sofas, mattresses, strollers, car seats, nap mats, electronics, and many other items.  Over time, they get out of furniture and into our bodies, where they increase the risk of cancer, neurodevelopmental problems, and other harm.  Thirteen states have banned chemical flame retardants, and it is time that Massachusetts joined them.

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Get PFAS out of food packaging

PFAS are a class of chemicals used to make products non-stick, water-resistant, and stain proof. For over 50 years, PFAS have been added to a wide variety of products, like non-stick cookware, fire fighting foams, clothing, carpets, and food packaging.  These chemicals are in the blood of every American who has been tested.   Low levels of PFAS have been shown to cause harm to animals, people, and the environment.

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We Should Know

What toxic chemicals are in your child’s toys?  Or in the plastic balls at the day care center?  What’s in your mattress?  Or the shampoo you use?  Manufacturers don’t want to tell us, but we should know if carcinogens and other toxic chemicals are in the products we use every day.  Washington State requires manufacturers to report on the toxic chemicals added to children’s products.  Don’t Massachusetts parents deserve the same right to know?

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Mind the Store

Consumers have the power to demand safer products. We work with the national Mind the Store campaign to push big box retailers to get toxic chemicals out of their products.  Staples, TJX Corporation, and Stop & Shop are all based in Massachusetts, and we’re leading the effort to get these major retailers to sell safer office supplies, furniture, clothing, and food.

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Thank you Massachusetts State Senators

Get toxic flame retardants out of homes

In the first hearing of the fall, the Massachusetts Senate voted unanimously to pass S2338, which bans 11 toxic flame retardants in residential furniture, children’s products, mattresses, carpeting, and window treatments.

Huge thanks to  bill sponsor, Senator Cynthia Creem, Senate Ways, Means Chair Senator Rodrigues and Senate President Karen Spilka for prioritizing passage this session.

Last year, a similar bill passed the Senate and House–only to be vetoed by Governor Baker.  

By acting so quickly to pass the Act to Protect Children, Families and Firefighters, the Senate is sending a message that this bill is a priority.  We look forward to working with firefighters and legislators in both chambers to make the flame retardant ban a reality this year.  

AHT at TJX Shareholder’s Meeting

The Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow and western Massachusetts activists from Don’t Take That Receipt went to the TJX shareholder’s meeting to press the company to get toxic chemicals out of their cash register receipts and products on their store shelves.  More here.

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