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1. Act Now on Flame Retardants

In December 2018, Massachusetts legislators passed a ban on 11 toxic flame retardants–but Governor Baker vetoed the ban.

Representative Marjorie Decker (D-Cambridge) and Senator Cynthia Creem (D-Newton) reintroduced the bill in January  2019–and the Massachusetts Senate passed the flame retardant bill unanimously in September 2019.

Now it’s the House’s turn to vote again on the flame retardant ban again. Let’s make sure the House passes the ban again–and make sure that House members know we want them to pass a strong bill and, if necessary,  over turn any attempts to veto or weaken the flame retardant ban.

Email your State representative to support H3500 An Act to Protect Children, Families and Firefighters


2. Act Now on Mind the Store

You walk into a store for:

  • a grande latte 
  • a taco
  • a rain jacket
  • a stroller, car seat, toys, and cute outfits for your just born baby

You shouldn’t have to worry about the PFAS chemicals in your cup and rain jacket, the bisphenol A on your receipt, the heavy metals in the baby’s outfit, or flame retardants in the stroller, car seat and toys.

Tell Starbucks, TJX  (including Marshalls and Homegoods), McDonald’s, Subway, Ace Hardware, and more to get toxic chemicals out of their products and receipts.


3. Act Now on PFAS

Call your state legislators and tell them to ban PFAS in food packaging

Get the name and contact information of your state representative and senator at:

Call both offices and ask your legislators to support H3839 and S1315, the bills to ban PFAS chemicals in food packaging.

4.  Act Now to Make them Pay

A handful of companies–3M, Dupont and others–have contaminated the blood of 98% of people on the planet.  PFAS chemicals, which did not even exist 50 years ago, are now found worldwide–in animals, people, air, food, and drinking water.  PFOA and PFOS are two legacy chemicals.  No longer produced in the US, they nevertheless contaminate drinking water in communities throughout the country.  Because PFOA and PFOS are toxic at very low levels, states and municipalities are spending billions to get these toxic chemicals out of the water supply.  

That’s not right.  The companies that profited by contaminating the entire world should pay for the mess they made–instead of shifting the burden to taxpayers.


Sign the petition to #Make Them Pay

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