Disclosure of Toxic Chemicals

The Issue: Consumer Right to Know

Shouldn’t you know if toxic chemicals are in the shampoo that you use on your baby?  The car seat you use?  Or your baby’s mattress?  What about the lotion you rub into your skin?  Or the air freshener your work colleague sprays around the office?

We can’t create a healthy environment if we don’t know what’s in the products we use.

Currently, there is no requirement that manufacturers disclose whether or not they add toxic chemicals to items sold in Massachusetts.


The Solution: Disclosure

Require manufacturers to tell the state if they put toxic chemicals in children’s products, personal care products, cleaners and other items.

Representative James Hawkins (D-Attleboro) has filed HD.400, and Senator Cynthia Friedman (D-Woburn) has filed SD1518, to require disclosure of toxic chemicals in children’s products.   These bills:

  • authorize the state to  create a list of “toxic chemicals in consumer products.”
  • require manufacturers to disclose to the state if any of the listed chemicals are included
    • children’s products
    • personal care items
    • cleaners, and certain other formulated products, including coatings of consumer products.

The disclosed information will be made publicly available in a bi-annual report and on the state’s website.

What you can do:

Get the name and contact information of your state representative and senator at: https://malegislature.gov/StateHouse/Contact

Tell them that you want to know what chemicals are in products you and your family use.  Ask your representative to support HD400 and your senator to support SD1518.

Join the Healthy Tomorrow action list to learn about next steps!