About Us

The Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow (AHT) is a coalition of citizens, scientists, health professionals, workers, and educators seeking preventive action on toxic hazards. Unfortunately, current environment and health policies do not protect us. Our individual rights and our quality of life are threatened by harmful pollution and products. Our goal is to correct fundamental flaws in government policies that allow harm to our health and environment.

The result of these current policies is that toxic substances end up in our bodies without our knowledge or consent. We have seen that ignoring early warning signs can result in serious illness. The tragic histories of lead and mercury, for example, demonstrate the harm caused when government and industry do not take action to protect public health. We have also seen that acting on early warnings can prevent widespread harm, as in the case of the drug thalidomide.

We will create proactive policies to prevent harm before the damage is done, and to choose the safest alternatives. These policies will be based on the Core Values of the AHT:

  • Choice, Progress & Innovation
  • Rigorous Science
  • Individual & Corporate Responsibility
  • Democracy

A Plan for a Healthy Tomorrow

AHT has a Plan for a Healthy Tomorrow based on our beliefs that protection of our health must become the first priority of government policy and that each of us has a right to an environment that sustains health and life, not one that harms it.

The structure of the Alliance includes:

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