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Silent Spring Institute: In Your Home

Tips on avoiding toxic chemicals in your home.


Developed by the architecture firm Perkins + Will, Transparency is a website to “put the precautionary principle into action” in the building industry.   The site allows users to identify toxic chemicals in building products.  You can search by  chemical of concern, product, project area, Masterformat specification, health hazard, or environmental hazard.  Site also includes articles, background description of precautionary principle, and information about efforts to get toxic chemicals out of building materials.

Mindful Materials

Central data for manufacturer data on sustainable building materials.  Can search by material type, brand or Construction Specification Institute number.

Safer Insulation Solution

Many insulation products contain halogenated flame retardants and other toxic chemicals.  This site, a project of Green Science Policy Institute, describes different insulation materials, including their environmental and health impacts.  Information is also included about advocacy efforts to increase the safety of insulation.


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