For a Healthier Tomorrow


Scientists have sounded an alarm for our health, a large body of scientific evidence demonstrates that toxic chemicals are causing unexpected health damage and contributing to widespread diseases and disorders. We have been contaminated without consent. Studies have found that all of us are contaminated with household and industrial chemicals and pesticides, including the fetus in the womb.


Our most precious are most at risk; children, and particularly the developing fetus, are uniquely vulnerable to toxic chemicals, which can disrupt their development and cause lifelong health damage.


Outdated regulatory systems fail to protect and no one is minding the store. The U.S. regulatory system has not kept up with the science, is based on out-dated assumptions and does not protect our health and environment. Consumer products in the U.S. are not generally regulated for toxic chemical content, and products banned in many other countries due to toxicity are sold here.


Now! The Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow is fighting in Massachusetts to protect all of our health by pressing for government and corporate policies that replace toxic chemicals with safer alternatives. Economic research has shown that effective government regulations can enhance business efficiency and competitiveness and stimulate innovation. To be a part of that change don’t forget to check out the Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow on social media and take action!