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Posted on Aug 12, 2015

Campaigns page picstitchThe Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow is working on multiple fronts to create laws, regulations and corporate policies that prevent harm to society’s health from toxic chemicals.  


State Legislation

There are many opportunities in the 2015-2016 legislative session in Massachusetts to make real progress towards protecting the health of communities from toxic chemicals. AHT has endorsed 7 bills, all of which would advance the public health of the Commonwealth by disclosing important chemical information to the public in consumer products and dry cleaning solvents, prompting manufacturers to substitute harmful chemicals with safer alternatives, and prohibiting the use of toxic chemicals such as bisphenol-A (BPA); a known endocrine disruptor, in consumer products. Read more>>

Updating our nation's chemical laws

The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) is the primary US law governing toxic chemical production and use. It has not been updated since 1976 and since then, hundreds of new chemicals have entered the market and our homes without being tested for safety. That is why AHT has partnered with Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families to ensure TSCA is reformed in a way that will give EPA the tools necessary to ensure the safety of consumer products and work places and significantly strengthen health protections for American families. Read more>>

Mind the Store

AHT has partnered with Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families on the Mind the Store Campaign, to urge the nation’s top ten retailers to get toxic chemicals out of their stores. Read more >>

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

AHT is a founding member of the nationwide Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. The Campaign is dedicated to educating consumers about the dangers of toxic chemicals in personal care products, and advocating for the elimination of these toxic chemicals. Read more >> 

Phasing out flame retardants

AHT and allies are working to reduce the use of and exposure to toxic flame retardants in children's products and other consumer products. Read more>>

Toxics Use Reduction Act Program

The Toxics Use Reduction Act (TURA) is a Massachusetts law that was enacted in 1989 and amended in 2006. TURA requires Massachusetts companies that use large quantities of certain toxic chemicals to evaluate and plan for pollution prevention opportunities, implement them if practical, and annually measure and report the results. AHT works to support the effective implementation of the TURA program. Read more >>