Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

Problem: Toxic chemicals are in personal care products.

Every day, we use multiple personal care products as we get cleaned up and ready for the day.  Lax federal oversight has meant that we often do not know what is in the shampoo, toothpaste, sunscreen and deodorant.  Chemicals that have been banned in the European Union because of toxicity continue to be on our store shelves.

In 2004, Clean Water Fund, Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition, and eight other environment and health organizations founded the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics to

  • Educate consumers about dangerous chemicals in cosmetics and other personal care products, and
  • Demand that cosmetic companies disclose their ingredients and stop using cancer-causing chemicals, reproductive toxins, and mutagens.

Visit the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics website to find out more about chemicals of concern in personal care products, learn about the Campaign’s victories, or sign up for action alerts.

Solution: Pass stronger federal laws to ban the worst chemicals from personal care products.  Use consumer pressure to force industry change.

The Campaign is working at the federal level to:

Pass House Bill: Safe Cosmetics and Personal Care Act Bill of 2018
On September 26, 2018, Representative Jan Schakowsky (D-IL) that would ban the worst of the worst chemicals from retail and professional salon products and require manufacturers to disclose what chemicals they use to make fragrance.

Improve and pass Senate Bill:Personal Care Safety Act of 2017. 

Senator Diane Feinstein (D-California) and Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) have introduced a bill to improve monitoring of the personal care products industry—but the bill does not yet have all the protections needed.

What you can do:

Learn more and take action.

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