By Tiffany Skogstrom

Okay.  I confess…  I am not a real blond.  Ever since those streaks of silver started slipping in, my hair has become  my biggest environmental sin.  Every 5 weeks I visit the altar of beauty where a talented co-conspirator helps me hide the natural aging process by putting god-knows-what in my hair, down the drain, and inevitably into the environment.

I compost food waste, wear no make up, carry a travel mug, use home-made cleaning products, buy recycled (aka second hand) clothes, take public transportation, and fight for environmental rights every day.  Yet, I can’t shake the toxic grip of vanity.

There has to be a safer alternative to wash that gray right out of my hair.  Regulations mandating safer beauty products exist in the European Union.  Why not in the US?  Why not in Massachusetts?

Since I am not planning on shaving my head or going naturally gray anytime soon, I am going to ask Massachusetts legislators and Congress to pass laws that hold chemical companies accountable to give consumers the same safer options offered in other parts of the world.