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22 Senators Call for Safer Alternatives Bill

Posted on Feb 4, 2012
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Clark, DiDomenico, Donnelly, Chang-DiazSenator Katherine Clark is a mother, Senator Sal DiDomenico is a father, Senator Ken Donnelly is a former firefighter, Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz is concerned about the damaging effects that toxic chemicals can have on low-income communities in her district.  These senators have very personal reasons to support the Safer Alternatives Bill. They all want to vote for it. 

The problem is they may never get that chance because many bills never get voted on.  During the past few weeks, Senators had the opportunity to make it known that they want to vote for the Safer Alternatives Bill and more than half of them did. 

The Safer Alternatives Bill is currently before the Senate Ways and Means Committee (W&M). Senator Mark Pacheco wrote a letter to W&M Chairman, Senator Stephen Brewer, to ask him to give the bill a "favorable report," and invited other senators to sign the letter with him.  AHT supporters helped by calling their Senators and asking them to sign on, with great results.  22 Senators signed that letter and/or wrote their own letters to Senator Brewer.


These champions of public health deserve our appreciation. If one of the Senators below is your Senator, please call or write and thank him or her for the support.  This step is very important because the work to pass this bill is far from done, and these champions are going to need a lot of encouragement to keep fighting to bring the bill across the finish line.

These senators signed the letter:

William Brownsberger
Harriette Chandler
Katherine Clark
Sonia Chang-Diaz
Cynthia Creem
Sal DiDomenico
Eileen Donoghue
Jamie Eldridge
Susan Fargo
Robert Hedlund
Patricia Jehlen
Thomas Kennedy
Thomas McGee
Mark Montigny
Michael Moore
Marc Pacheco
Anthony Petruccelli
Stanley Rosenberg
Karen Spilka
James Welch
Dan Wolf

Senator Ken Donnelly has sent his own letter of support to the Senate Ways & Means Committee.

There are lots of creative ways to communicate your passion for protecting our health from toxic chemicals to your Senator. Pick your favorite!

Please send us an email if we can help! 

Get more information about the Safer Alternatives Bill.