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Join the Million Baby Crawl!

Posted on Nov 11, 2009
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Million baby crawl Seventh Generation, a company known for a focus on safe, non-toxic cleaning products, is sponsoring the Million Baby Crawl to demand toxic chemical policy reform from Congress.

The Crawl consists of a virtual baby march. On the site, you can create a baby avatar to add to the march as fun way to show your support for a new law to protect us from health-harming chemicals.

Join us at the Crawl to Action:  November 18th, 2009 at the Burlington Mall - Kids Play Area.  Join to support toxic chemical policy reform, learn more about safe household products, enjoy family-friendly live entertainment and children's interactive activities, and receive free Seventh Generation products.

Current federal chemical laws have not kept up with science, and tighter regulation of potentially harmful chemicals is needed in order to keep our families safe. Since 1976, the EPA has required testing on only 200 of the more than 80,000 chemicals on the market.
Joining the crawl is a way to send a message to Washington, DC that you support of reform. Every name that is added to the Million Baby Crawl – either by creating a crawler or supporting a crawler – will be delivered to Washington, DC in an event to support legislative change.

Seventh Generation has partnered with Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families, the national campaign for federal reform. Alliance for a Healthy Tomorrow is a part of Safer States, which helped to form this campaign.